Health Restoration

Take a step back and restore your body

Today’s day in age is very high paced and stressful which doesn’t allow much time to recover from our day to day routine, therefore we are putting no time or thought into our health. A lot of the time, this then leads to countless problems with our health. Many of us use coffee or even our careers to help assist with our lack in good health, a lot of the time without even realising.

The health restorative program is a program where we take a step back from everything – even from training in the gym as we explore into your health and stress and start to restore many systems within the body that may be struggling. If you find you’re tired, stressed, living off coffees or wine, not sleeping well, gaining weight, not digesting food well. This program is for you!


  • Weekly consults
  • Gut health protocols
  • Detox protocols
  • Stress management protocols
  • Yin based programming (restorative work)
  • Goal setting and mind set coaching

Stronger, Leaner, Pain Free

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