How to look younger and have glowing skin

It’s 2019 and life goes so fast, it’s amazing that it’s almost Christmas. Where did all that time go?

And then you think,

You’ve been running around amongst life , working, supporting a family , running a business , managing people , barely a second to get to yourself. And it’s the morning, and all you can think of is your next hit of coffee that will get you through the front doors of work and you’re getting ready. You look in the mirror and you start to notice wrinkles and/blemishes.

And you think holy shit, what is happening to me! Am I getting old, my skin is euugggggh!

Now let’s hold up a second.

First of all wrinkles aren’t a bad thing!

It’s apart of life, it’s a normal part of aging especially when we start getting older.

But all you’re thinking is shit I need to do something about this. And the thought comes to mind about your friend or someone you know who has tried Botox and got huge results.

Now each to their own, but before you do Botox you need to know exactly what it is, and it’s a serious drug. It’s derived from the botulin toxin. The botulin toxin is a toxin that shuts down your ability to produce acetylcholine. Acetycholine is a neurotransmitter that’s plays an important part and delivering messages through nervous system and allowing muscles to fire when needing to activate/fire off.

Now this is an important neurotransmitter and you’re injecting a toxin in your body, so be aware of that and the dangers that’s involved- especially if you have family history of nervous system degenerative diseases/issues or you already have a fragile system.

Now moving away from that, as that is what we call short term fix. But what if we could find ways naturally that helps the aging process long term.

This may mean your wrinkles don’t come as sooner, but aiming to have you looking younger through the vibrancy of your skin, shape, energy that you give off and libido in the bedroom- because that’s anti aging results.

Over my years of creating transformation after transformation there’s a big thing I notice with people when they get a hell of a lot healthier, they start to look younger! Refer to my transformations on my website, you’ll see. And you can see me above post Europe, after not looking after myself and having a little to much fun for 3 months.

Their skin clears up, their wrinkles aren’t as bad, the redness (inflammation) in their skin subsides, their energy gets better, and their relationship with their partners get better too.

In this article we will be talking about 6 things that will bring out the vibrancy of your skin, but a lot of this will relate back to the other things too as it’s all interconnected and flows into each other.

So what are the things that help having vibrant skin?

To keep things simple : quality nutrition is key! The more nutritional value in our food ie vitamins and minerals and focusing on eating foods you do well on- protein carbs and fats.

A big emphasis on protein and healthy fats. Protein plays an important part in repairing tissue and recreating new tissue, as well healthy fats or cholesterols play an important part in generating new cells! Yes I said cholesterols!

Remedies such as protein based foods high in collagen like bone broth play an important part in regenerating hair skin and nails , as well as lowering inflammation due to its repairing properties.

And for some people fasting is proven to regenerate new cells, but what I find is people need to first load up on good quality food for a while to allow their body (skin) to recover properly and get the nutrition it needs before taking away nutrients for extended amounts of time and placing more stress on their body.

What’s your gut health like?

Refer to my other articles about gut health and nutrition,

What’s your intenstinal permeability like? Are you breaking down food properly and absorbing nutrients so you can regenerate more new cells.

Are you developing or do you have sensitivies that cause breakouts or skin reactions?

Most people have a bunch of foods that they don’t do well on. Refer to my @nutrition article to learn more.

This will cause different reactions with in the body – mental fog, gut complaints like cramping or bloating, joint pain and our big one skin reactions.

But what if all foods are playing havoc , this is where we need to go deeper into exactly what is dis functioning in the gut, and for most people , they need to manage stress or focus on inner work.

What are you putting into your body regularly that is creating inflammation?

Alcohol and sugar !

Alcohol and refined sugar consumption plays a huge part in the health of our skin. In my time in this industry the results I’ve seen from people just cutting out regular drinking and sweets has been huge.

You can also google peoples results from doing this! Go check it out.

This is largely due to inflammatory response they both create in your body. Ie your immune systems reacting to something wrong – yes alcohol and sugar triggers skin reactions.


This is where we regerenrtate everything , we have all had sleepless nights or periods of time we lack quality sleep – what happens? We feel crap, our energy is bad, body feels heavy and eyes look dark and baggy. Because we haven’t recovered well.

In sleep we have 2 stages of sleep: physical repair sleep and psychological repair sleep. Physical repair sleep if we have health circadian rhythms (sleep cycles) go from 10pm-2am , and psychological sleep is 2am -6am .

It’s important we get a good amount but also quality, and this means deep sleep or rem sleep. This is where we get the rewards of full restorative sleep. Usually in rem sleep this is where we dream.

Exercise –

Exercise – combination of resistance and aerobic training keeps the body young and strong, maintaining lean mass and structural integrity but also helps with cellular regeneration, particularly our mitochondria. Which is the energy in our cells. It also strengthens our immune system, which can then be more stress resistant to whatever life’s throws at us, allowing us to feel/look more vibrant.

And lastly, remember anti aging isn’t always about your skin but also about your health longevity , your relationships and everything else that comes with that.

A big  part of it also is disease prevention. Especially towards the big 4 – cancer , heart disease , diabetes, dementia. And I also like to add mental health ie depression/anxiety etc.

In short eat well, sleep well, exercise and keep things natural. Your body/skin will thank you for it long term.

If you have any questions feel free to Email or call/message me.

Here’s to feeling younger!!

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