We need a trainer!


We are after the right trainer who is truly going to care about our people.
Your role will be to coach as apart of an important link in our team to help the
VH&P members achieve their health and fitness goals and be a coach on the
gym floor.

If you’re ready to help transform lives well then here it is!
You’re finally ready to do this!

Job decription:

-Personal trainer taking combination of 1 on 1 semi private training.
Must complete maximum 30 sessions per week.
– Paid a salary

You’ll be doing a great job in this role when:

– 40% resign rate
– You hit 3 out of 4 stars or higher from client feedback reviews
– You attend 100% of upskilling events that we pay for you to attend and you
implement the lessons in your day-to-day training.

Personal attributes we are after:

  • Keen and want to learn
  • Enjoy keeping fit and learning about food
  • Has played sport in the past
  • Enjoys people and great communicator – extroverted but not full of their self.
  • Great at building relationships, popular and confident but has gratitude.
  • They love socialising
  • They work hard
  • Listening skills
  • They’re punctual
  • They want to take 30 sessions a week
  • They want security normal work hours per day
  • They want to be apart of Vital Health And Performance and want to grow
    within that and be a great trainer for VH&P.
  • They want to improve the VH&P business
  • They’re patient, think logically and they don’t rush things
  • They haven’t done much upskilling but want to learn
  • They’re well groomed and present their self well

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