A quick guide to setting goals and actually making it happen.

Ive been fortunate enough to have amazing mentors in my life that have helped me get the very point I am at right now. In their own right they’re super successful – Mark Buckley and Mark Luxon of FMA strength institute, Catreeana Saunders – healer/therapist to name a few. From some of my learnings I have created a tool and steps that work wonders – if you show up and actually do it properly and execute. With this tool you’ll paint a clear picture of where you need to go and the side of you you need to step into more to have the things you want.
Its important Health, fitness and happiness are connected as a holistic thing. If finances are a problem this can bog you down and create stress which impacts your health in many ways. If it’s your job and you don’t like the environment you’re in and you’re not happy – this can create stress and unhappiness. If you need to move more eat better and get more/quality sleep well than how do we build a plan to make that happen. These are examples of things we may need to work on which can lead to goals/aspirations we have but sometimes never happen because we stay in the habits and rituals we have created for ourselves, and not break it. Remember less than 5% of New Years resolutions actually happen. So how do you be in that 5% and make change happen?
Step 1 – The BE-ing
First and foremost,
It’s your responsibility to change something if you if it doesn’t sit well with you or you want something better!
It starts with taking ownership over whatever it is you want to change. No more blaming, excuses or stories. When you realise life is happening for you and not to you, life gets better. But you have to take responsibility! so who do you have to be, what parts of you aren’t serving you anymore that sabotage the things you want to achieve or that stop you from elevating to your higher self: list them: and then list the ways you’re going to combat it from happening again.
Step 2 – (The Have- Macro)
Set your goals into 3 month, 6 month , 12 month process I call this (The have – Macro)- and use the following areas to focus on-
Personal growth
Professional growth
Family/friends/social connection
– try not to over shoot, make it achievable with the lifestyle you have.
Then feel into the goals – what does each goal mean to you and why? write next to it how it feels to achieve it and what that feeling is. visualise – feel – and embody it.
Step 3. (the do-micro)
Then I use a tool called – smart goal setting. This breaks it down further to understand the process involved. I call this (the do – micro)
Time based.
To understand it more and get a detailed break down visit this link https://www.smartsheet.com/blog/essential-guide-writing-smart-goals
Make it a ritual 
Once you have set your goals write it up and put it somewhere you’ll revisit everyday were you can repeat the visualise – feel – embody (make it a morning ritual) and tell at least 3 people you’re close too that you know will keep you accountable. This can be me and make sure you check in monthly with these people to let them know how you’re going.
Any questions feel free to email or call Jordan on Ph: 0447778367 Email: Jordan.vitalhandp@gmail.com.