Elliots testimonial

When was your lightbulb moment to want to train with Jordan? The lightbulb moment for me happened about a year ago now after realising that I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough when training by myself. I’m someone who likes a challenge and couldn’t see a better time to have someone help and guide me in getting that little bit more out of my training

What was your health and fitness regime before seeing Jordan? I thought it was good, I’m someone who trains 5-6 times a week so almost every day but it’s actually incredible how you see yourself and what you do once you have someone looking over you like a PT

What changes in yourself have you noticed since training with Jordan? I think for me personally having Jordan their on a daily basis not just for training purposes but everything in general is and always will be a huge help to me. Physically I feel really good, having come to him with fears of using my knee in particular he has helped me overcome that

Biggest thing you’ve learnt? That Jordan doesn’t care that it’s a Saturday morning, he’s still going to destroy you hahah! In all seriousness I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt since training with Jordan is that he can push you beyond your own thought of your own ability. Having come into it hardly training any lower body Jordan specifically made sure we did Health and fitness goals for the rest of 2019? Continue everything Jordan taught me, continue to seek help and advice on everything technique wise and learn the weird and wacky excerises I didn’t even know existed until he showed me

Advice to someone wanting to train with Jordan? Do it! But also don’t because he’ll kill you. But also do it hahaha.