Sauls testimonial

35kgs loss in body fat

huge increase in muscle and strength

Happy, confident and vibrant.

full of energy

-sauls now 3 years clean (drug and alcohol free)

-Has found sustainable holistic lifestyle practices that he can adhere too long term ie nutrition, training , down time hobbies to switch off etc

– couldn’t run 100m , but can now run 5km non stop and run under 5min 1kms.

– Deadlifts 150kg for 1 –

Squats 130kg for 1

– Benches 110kg for 1

– Improved gut health

– Works full time and killing his job

words from Saul –

I would like to start off by saying this has been a journey and I could not have done this alone. Doing this is not easy for me as I do not enjoy the spotlight. When I look at myself before I started my journey it brings up allot of emotions. My life took a turn in the wrong direction and I was lost to say the least. I would turn to substance abuse and overeating as comfort. Once these bad habits had been built it became a nightmare I could not get out of. With the help of my family I was able to seek help with my substance abuse which would be the start of this Journey. 

I remember walking into Ascot Vale Leisure centre anxious not knowing what was going to happen. It was a Sunday, and I asked the girl at the counter if there are any PT’s I could meet with (Thank you Evelyn) she replied not normally on Sundays but let me check. Few minutes later out comes Jordan bubbly and bouncy like usual. Asking all the questions I did not have answers to like:

What are your goals?

What is your food like?

What do you expect to accomplish training with me?

I booked in a time with Jordan and we began training. It had been over 10 years since I used the gym, and I was extremely unfit. I remember in one of our earlier sessions we did squats, and I busted my shorts open Jordan and I had a good laugh. But this was quite shocking and sad. I then realised this was not going to be easy and I put all my trust into training with Jordan, listening to his advice and slowly we chipped away. I did go that weekend to buy some gym clothes XXL which were tight, so I did not have to go through that again! 

Jordan would teach me about nutrition and proper training techniques and helped me gain the confidence I had lost. I did not see the weight loss I was wanting until I decided to try the Ketogenic diet which I am so grateful for. I was able to lose majority of the weight I have lost in about 1.5 years whilst doing Keto, training with Jordan, Intermittent fasting and slowly doing more cardio. 

My fitness was still not great even today I feel it is what I need to improve on. I would always tell Jordan never put me on the treadmill or I am never coming back! I think he respected that for a little while. My first 400-meter run on the treadmill is one I will never forget! I think I got maybe 300 meters until I had to stop and catch my breath. It is a process and slowly we have built it up and I can now run 4K aiming for 5 soon!

The last 3 years of my life have been truly incredible being able to challenge myself. Push through the hard patches which there have been many. To show up put in the hard work consistently sometimes with a good attitude and other times not so much. I am 3 years drug/drink free and 3 years of training and have come from 124kg to 89kg which sometimes shocks me! 

 It is difficult writing this knowing what to include and share. Jordan is moving states and we will end our training face to face together which I will miss immensely. We have been working together for the last 3 years and I would like to say THANK YOU JORDAN! Without having you by my side I would not have been able to do this alone. 

Farewell my trainer, My mentor, My friend.

I hope this can inspire others out there who might be struggling like I was.