How To Achieve Better Results With Your Diet?

The typical cliche that we hear in our industry: you’re what you eat and running Ferrari on 91 unleaded compared to 98 fuel. Compare that to the way the car will operate, and it’s a comparison to mediocre food vs quality food for humans also couldn’t be more accurate. The way you feel, look and perform directly correlates with your recovery – food and sleep to how well you perform and feel in day to day life.

When we talk about recovery, this merely means recovering from the stress we endure: physical, mental and biochemical stresses. The two main ways we recover is through food: quality food that we do well on and the right quantity (intake). And secondly, Sleep: the amount of sleep we get and quality of sleep we get: depth and staying within our circadian rhythms. Today we will speak about food. Why is it essential to have high-quality food? Why is it essential to have the right intake? It’s essential to obtain a balanced array of nutrients and energy from (high-quality) foods to optimise better recovery for performance and weight management, goals and health.

High-quality foods also assist with muscle repair and joint health, lowers inflammation, prevents many diseases, cellular health, mental health, and the list goes on. Food is super crucial for performance and health longevity. In modern times many people are so confused about what to do when it comes to nutrition, so many different diets and fads that present to us can be overwhelming. There is no one size fits all approach to food, much like training. Reason being, everyone has a different makeup or what we call a constitution. How does food have any to do with someone’s constitution?

Well, let’s start with the gut, as this is where it all starts. Everyone has a different gut, which means our ability to be able to digest and assimilate foods comes down to various things. To keep it simple, it comes down to the structure of their digestive system and their ability to handle certain foods. Other common factors to improve gut function may include: – lowering stress – bacterial imbalances – a simple one, chewing your food correctly.

When we speak about how everyone has a different structure and how that affects how you handle foods, this comes to down ancestral evolution and family background. What part of the world you come from and what food was available then and in that environment? We commonly find that people who live close to the equator do far better on a higher carbohydrate diet as this is readily available to them in their environment, meaning fruits, vegetables, grains. Why, you ask? Well over many many years this is what they have adapted to eating, and they have evolved with that.

Over many many years, people from closer to equator have developed a longer digestive tract, digestive enzymes and a gut microbiomes to be able to break the food down more accessible, which is why some people bloat or when eating these foods. We find people further away from the equator, and colder climates do far better on higher protein and fat diet with some fermented foods (vegetables). And much like I mentioned for high carb diet, this way of eating may not work for people closer to the equator ancestrally also. This may not always be the case, and that’s why it’s essential to be in touch with what you eat and how you feel after eating.

There’s a great acronym I use for helping people with this. Its called the ACESD rule. Appetite, craving, energy, satiety, and digestion. ACESD rule refers to what happens to the way you feel, digest, and what happens to your blood sugars after you eat. They shouldn’t be too high or too low they should be stable). If any of those things are not positive, you should reflect on what you have eaten and make a different choice on your next meal. Keep a record so you can draw the dots through your food groups. As food and the body is involved, it can be trial and error thing. Sometimes the ancestral thing may not work due to new settlements, different beings living different parts of the world and starting families with varying people from different parts of the world. And also the way we grow our food now using poor quality soils and chemicals that may be added.

All in all, get super in touch with what you eat, use the ACESD rule, connect with your body. Ask yourself if you feel good? Also opt for higher quality foods, stay out of your typical supermarkets and shop at the ones that have more top quality food. Shop at specialised health food stores, farmers markets and organic or grass-fed meat butchers. Buying this way will make you recover far more optimally. It will allow you to have better brain function, physical performance and also optimise your sleep pattern too.

And the bonus is because your body will function better, your stress levels will reduce.

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