What to do when you’re not seeing progress

You know that feeling you get when you just feel like you’re treading water in life, nothing’s changed for a long time and maybe things have gone backwards a bit.

It’s 2019 and life’s busy. We cruise in autopilot, executing the tasks we have to keep us afloat, wake up – for some get kids ready- coffee – run to the tram or car – sit in traffic – run to work – come home – pick up kids – dinner – go to bed. Before we know it half a year has gone and you tell yourself what the hell happened with all that time. And then you have a realisation, groundhog day is real, you know the movie? Where he does the same things day in day out – in scientific terms, we call this neuroplasticity. We all fall into the trap of cruising through life, and not doing the things you wanted and just doing the same things and executing the same tasks on a daily weekly monthly scale.

How do we get out of the rut?

I’ve been watching a series on Netflix about owner of Microsoft Bill Gates. Where it goes into a day in the life of what his life is like – highly recommend. The most awesome thing I have taken from it so far is his “think weeks” (mindfulness weeks) in the woods. This is where he would create some of his best work he explained. This would allow him to get out of his business and allow him to connect with nature get out of a sympathetic response (fight or flight or freeze state – stressed state) and think more creative and work much more efficiently when you’re not stressed. Which might be alarming for some as I do hear people say they work better when they’re stressed. But you’ll find it’s only because you’re moving faster but with much less quality.

Anyway, the learning from this is taking time away from your Groundhog Day. Now this doesn’t mean we are privileged to get out for a week and do that, but we can find time to be able to switch off and focus on you and executing the things you want to. Where do you find this time you talk about you say? First prioritising you. Actually believing you’re enough to have time for yourself. Because you are your biggest asset , the better you feel , the better you operate – which influences everything better. Secondly: setting up rituals in your day , week , month . Bill gates think week is a ritual – it has significant meaning to him – nothing gets in the way of it because it holds a lot of value for him. So this could look like: morning and night time routines, weekend getaways – or nature day trips, locking in days to see friends (socialising) and simply just breaking up your routine – doing something completely different to what you would usually do – can be in the form of anything. This then allows you to break neuroplasticity and allow to create new learnings, recover/feel better and grow more.

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